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You can reach us using email, telephone, or surface mail. Our hours of operation are as follows:
  • Monday-Friday - 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday by appointment only!



  • 301-608-0355


Huggins and Scott Auctions LLC
2301 Broadbirch Dr., STE 150
Silver Spring, MD 20904

Call our main office 301-608-0355 or email us Click here to send us an email to discuss your collection. We can have a local rep contact you and set up a time to review your collection

Main Office:
Bill Huggins

Phila/Lower NJ Rep:
Steve Dickler

Dick DeCourcy

SF/Oak, CA Rep:
Josh Wulkan

New York Rep:
Ron Vitro

New York City/Upper New Jersey Rep:
Richard Wiercinski

Dallas, TX Rep:
Stephen Phillips

Indiana Rep:
J.D. Heckathorn

SW Fla Rep:
Kevin Endo

Michigan Rep:
Michael Golsteyn

Baltimore, MD Rep:
Jay Strecker

N. & Cent. Fla/S. Ga Rep:
Jay Dyer

SE Fla Rep:
Kent Feddeman

No. Virginia Rep:
Craig Crampton

Upstate New York Rep:
Steve Buckholtz

Louisville, KY Rep:
Chris Buckler

St. Louis, MO Rep:
Tim Fassler

Montreal, PQ Canada Rep:
Jason Chartrand

Denver, CO Rep:
Mike Nelson

Phoenix, AZ Rep:
Joe Mancino

So. California Rep:
Bob Brill

Minneapolis, MN Rep:
Bob Hallman

Southern Virginia Rep:
Doug Williams

Oklahoma Rep:
Jon Azlin

Long Island, NY Rep:
Johnny Hustle Card Co.

Kansas Rep:
Stuart Goldberg

Central, NC Rep:
Kiya Sabet

Chicago, IL Rep:
Jeff Meister

Atlanta, GA Rep:
Joe Davis (J&J Sportscards)

Pacific NW Rep:
Richard Rosamond

Buffalo/Toronto Rep:
Carl Lamendola

Pittsburgh/Cleveland Rep:
Ray Lukach